Éire Óg vs Western Gaels: 28/05/17

Article credit: Faye Murray – Éire Óg 

Éire Óg hosted Western Gaels Bristol in the blazing heat in Horspath on Sunday. The Bristol side started well, scoring several points and an early goal. Éire Óg responded with goals from Mother and Daughter combo Lisa and Emma Culleton and some great defensive play from Amy Nash and Natasha Langan. Deborah Cuddy tagged on a point, along with a point from Dara Austin to leave the Oxford side up by a point at half time.

Half time Éire Óg 2-02 Western Gaels Bristol 1-04

Laura Dunne was straight out of the blocks at half time, winning the ball and putting it at the back of the net from some distance. Emma Culleton grabbed her second goal of the game after some lovely supportive play from Dara Austin. Éire Óg squandered some chances up front and Western Gaels rallied and scored one goal and two points to bring the game back to just a two point lead to the home team. In a final burst of effort, Charlotte O’Toole made a brilliant save and Sorcha Mulligan scored two last minute goals to secure a win for Éire Óg. The second goal was a real poachers effort, Bernard Brogan would have been proud!

Full time Éire Óg 6-02 Western Gaels Bristol 2-06

S Darwin, N Langan, F Murray, E Morrow, A Nash, E O’Dwyer, D Cuddy (0-01), L Dunne (1-00) E Culleton (2-00), S Mulligan (2-00), D. Austin(0-01), L Culleton (1-00), N Coll, R Dowling, C O’Toole

Player of the Match: L Dunne & N Langan

Management: P O’Sullivan

Referee: Connor Day (Western Gaels)