Message from Maria Sexton, County Feile team manager

Dear all,
As we enter a new year there have been many changes within our county in which we need to reflect on and that have played a part in the decision to sadly not be partaking in Feile 2018.
This is not a decision that I have taken lightly however, it is one that I feel is a necessity within our county as we focus on the development of our youths across all clubs for this forthcoming year.
This does not mean that Feile is no more – quite the opposite actually. The plan for the year ahead is to develop all age provisions within our clubs, work cohesively together by putting on development days, blitz tournaments and matches that integrate girls from all the clubs in mixed team games creating a further chance for friendships and bonds to be made.
It also allows Glen Rovers, who have only started their youth sector, to continue their amazing work after their Gaelic for Girls Programme ends to grow and develop further. It gives us all a chance to focus the continuous building of numbers across all age groups in our clubs and providing ample development games for all ages raising the standards and abilities consistently throughout the whole of Hertfordshire.
Managers from all clubs within our county have met and dates have already been set for development focussed tournaments for girls across all age levels.
Looking ahead, I will be holding the trials for Feile 2019 in October this year. My reasons for this is that preseason starts at different times throughout our county, it is a drive and a good focus point for our girls to be aiming for in their own individual progression and girls who make the team can continue independent training out of season. It also provides the opportunity to hit the ground running in 2019 from the very beginning by starting county training earlier and building our team up over the 6 months following.
Our U17s will have an opportunity to trial for a county team this year and participate in a tournament in Dublin in July. This is being headed up by Neil Gallagher of St. Colmcilles.
Again, a lot of thought has gone into this decision and for us to continue to grow as a county our focus truly has to be on supporting each other and developing the county as a whole and sometimes a step back has to be taken to be able to move forward bigger, stronger and more positively. Foundations need to be concreted to ensure that our county continues its amazing developments and successes for years to come.
I would like to thank everyone for their continuous support within our county and we can all look forward to the exciting developments and progression plans of Hertfordshire Youths as a whole this year.
Kind regards,
Maria Sexton
Hertfordshire Girls Feile Manager & Coach